About Us

Quamme Insurance Services, Inc.

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Who we are and what we do


Who we are


We’re a family-owned and operated agency that serves the insurance needs of individuals, families, and businesses in Southern Wisconsin.  We’ve been in business for more than three decades and have operated out of Columbus since our beginnings.  Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive solutions possible for the right prices and to ensure that each client has a rich and full insurance experience.  We meet this goal by developing customized packages from our comprehensive insurance programs and by providing detailed, efficient services.  


Our products and services are the best tools we have for succeeding as an agency and for contributing to the communities we serve, but we help make these communities better places to live and work by doing more than insure.  We sponsor local groups and organizations that help our service areas socially and economically and we donate our time, effort, and resources to these groups and organizations.  This allows us to contribute fully to our community.  


What we offer


We have a wide range of all-encompassing personal and commercial insurance programs through which we develop broad and flexible packages that keep clients secure for the right prices.  We tailor each package to the needs if individual clients and we monitor these packages closely.  This way, clients stay secure over time.


Our programs range from home and auto to recreational vehicle and identity theft on the personal side and from general business and farm to maritime employers and media and advertising on the commercial side.  Farm insurance is of particular importance to us, as some of our agents grew up on and around farms and insure many farmers and agribusiness owners.  Dairy farms, custom sprayers, and horse boarding operations are among the farms our agents insure.  Local businesses are also of particular important to us.  Main street enterprises like flower shops, salons, and veterinary clinics are all our clients and we are proud to help these enterprises flourish.


In addition to products, we provide services that make the insurance experience more meaningful for clients.  We’re available readily and answer questions thoroughly.  We manage risk and claims and we make sure that every client has a dedicated agent, which ensures that no client is without of reach of information he or she needs in order to make the best decisions.  We take ‘snapshots’ of policies and use the information these snapshots provide to keep coverages current and to help clients stay abreast of necessary coverage changes.  These and other elements of our services are means for us to help clients maximize the value of their insurance investments and are reflections of our ongoing commitment to being the best insurers we can be.  


How we deliver insurance


We take a detailed and consultative approach to delivering insurance products.  We begin by consulting in great depth with each client so that we understand the client’s needs, goals, and budget.  We then identify coverages that meet the client’s needs.  Throughout policy development and afterward we ensure that clients are completely informed about their insurance and how to use the insurance for maximum benefit.  For example, when creating an auto insurance policy, we make sure that clients know about the Wisconsin Wrongful Death Law and how this law affects rates, limits, and deductibles.  We also make sure that clients understand the ramifications of coverage omissions and that purchasing necessary coverages often constitutes premium increases that are only slightly above basic coverages.  


In the events of claims we have our own adjusters assist clients.  This makes the claims experience go faster and makes the experience easier on our clients.  We advocate for clients and facilitate the completion of claims processes.  This helps ensure that clients achieve satisfactory resolutions.  


As an independent agency we partner with different insurance carriers, each of which makes our coverage collection more distinct and expansive.  This benefits clients in that it enables clients to customize their insurance plans, and customization is a key to finding the best solution.  We examine the strength of each carrier before we partner with it.  The financial strength of a carrier partly determines rate stability and our ability to serve clients throughout claims processes.  


The detailed approach that we take in policy development is common to all of our other actions.  We are precise, exhaustive, and efficient; we make sure that all elements of policies are correct before we present options to clients and once policies are in place we ensure that the value of these policies are maximal.  


Community Involvement


We work with local charities and organizations that make the communities we serve better places to live and work.  We sponsor sports teams and donate our time, effort, and resources to events, individuals, and other organizations that support our communities socially and economically.  We actively socialize with other businesses in our area and sometimes stop in these businesses’ locations just to say ‘Hi.’  You can find us on billboards at local sporting events and on Facebook.  We encourage you to interact with us in any way you like; we’ll get back to you and start a dialogue about anything that’s of interest to you, whether it’s insurance, our communities, tips to navigate local terrain, or other.


Please contact us or give us a call to find out more.  If you’d like to learn some of the details of a policy, we invite you to request a quote.